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Place An Ad on Collect The Mouse is the place where the Disney collector can showcase their collection. From park memorabilia to housewares, figurines, books, clothing and anything else (old and new) we can get our hands on. has been optomised for Internet search engines, such as Google. With numbers growing daily on both Facebook (over 600 fans) and on Twitter (over 400 followers).

Our broad reader demographic of singles and families, parents, males and females makes an ideal place for advertisers looking to reach consumers interested in Disney collectibles. We also enjoy a strong following outside the United States as well as domestically.

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Contact CTM for banner ad sizes. CTM can also custom design your ads for you. We can custom design 4 ads on the same page to work together as one large ad, if 4 ad spaces are available on the same page. Please contact us for more information.

You may request location/page for your ad but CTM does not guarantee the location/page that you request will be available.

Ads must be in .gif or .jpg format, preferably with file sizes under 50k. They may be animated or static. All graphics will be hosted and served from the servers. Readers who click on an advertisement will be directed to your website through the opening of a new web page outside of

Please note: Only ads that are safe for family viewing and link to family-friendly sites will be considered. has the right to accept or reject any ads submitted to the site.


Please contact us for current ad placement availability, options and rates.

CTM may revise, change, update rates, conditions, format, etc. at any time and for any or no reason. CTM will contact you by email of any changes or revisions. Rate updates will not effect any ads that have been purchased in full before notification.

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We do not accept pop-up ads on, but feel free to contact us regarding other advertisement opportunities.

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